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Sometimes it is not enough to light a candle when the power goes out.

We are Reservkraftsbyggarna - We give you control!

Our mission is to provide you with security in case of costly power outage.

Diesel powered generators, built-in generators, fully automatic or mobile generators: no matter what you are looking for, PWR Power Reservkraftsbyggarna have a solution. After 40 years in the industry we have gained invaluable knowledge by providing everything from smaller companies to major production facilities with custom-made backup power. We do not talk about standard generators because we  build each generator after specific needs and wishes. A very reliable combination that you will value highly if you experience a power outage.

Through the years, we have customized emergency power plants for municipalities, insurance companies, emergency services, armed forces, Ikea and many more. They know that we only supply generators that they can rely on in any weather


Backup power with a good reputation

Are you unsure about what type of generator you need? No need to worry, our experts will help you through the entire process, from planning to installation and service. Our experience is your safety guarantee.

It is obviously up to you to decide who will install your generator after we have delivered it to you. However, we prefer that our qualified service team does all the work. For obvious reasons, they know how to install the generator and the best way to maintain it. When we have had external inspectors on site they usually praise our assembly work.


Safer than any other insurance

Sweden has over time become the 4th largest user of electricity in the world per capita. This is a fact that has increased our vulnerability to power outages. Despite the fact that power companies are investing heavily in improving safety in our relatively worn and over-exploited power grids, power cuts are still increasing every year. The consequence is costly, with society and businesses losing billions annually. This is the reason why the Energy Agency has suggested that one should install additional backup power within critical operations.

We think it is just as important that companies and organisations ask themselves the same question: How is the operation affected by a power outage? On our end, we work at high pressure every day to prevent minor and major disaster by delivering reliable and environmentally certified generators. These will give you an invaluable security that no insurance can match. Before each project, we conduct a thorough needs analysis to ensure that you will always have available power after our delivery.

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Every year, companies lose billions of dollars due to power outage. Here you can use our tool to get an idea of how well this investment would be for you!

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Our project process

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Controllers for generators

We mainly use ComAp control systems on our power plants. The world's largest and most popular manufacturer of spare power management.

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