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Backup Generators

Covers all your extra electricity needs

A backup station can be a complete built up unit that may include switchgear, UPS or several connected generators. In this advanced system we can integrate: alarms, monitoring, battery units and distribution boards. We take total responsibility and offer complete solutions that overhaul every part of the business.

How much will you save?

Each year business loose billions due to power outage. Here you can use our tool to get an idea of ​​how well this investment would be for you!
Can you afford not to invest in a reserve?

Insurance against expensive power cuts.

We help you before, during and after installation.

Customized service agreements gives you total control

More benefits of our Backup Generators

Backup stations

Each backup power station is custom made according to your business needs.
Contact us to find out more.

  • Automatic refueling Suitable for generators that are on for several days or weeks. We assemble a fully automated refueling system that gets fuel from an external storage fuel tank when the fuel level drops in the regular tank.
  • Containers We build diesel generators in both soundproofed and non soundproofed storage containers or ISO containers.
  • Double sheathed fuel tank Means that the fuel tank is protected by an additional shield. In case of any leakage, the fuel is collected in the external tank and in case of possible collision the inner tank is protected. In some cases this may be an environmental requirement.
  • Fully automatic generators With our fully automatic solutions the generator starts completely automatically around the clock, no matter where you are in the world. The generator ensures that you have constant access to power even when the grid is down.


  • Phasing in and out We equip the generators with uninterrupted access to network operation. With in and out phasing equipment, it is possible to test drive the generator under load without interruption.
  • Soundproof generators You can make it a special order all the way down to 55 decibels.
  • Changeover switchAllows you to be able to draw power from a backup generator. The switch breaks up the regular power supply and switches over to the backup power supply. We build manual switches in the form of a two-way switch or automatic switch with sealed contactors or motorized circuit breakers.
  • Parallel operationWe produce backup generators that actively communicate with other generators or power sources to run several of them side by side, also available to be phased in and loaded against the power grid.
  • UPS system A reliable battery backup that eliminates blinking, transients, dips and any other disturbances which may occur on the power grid. It is used to power secure computers and other sensitive electronic equipment that can be damaged by a power failure. The batteries are recharged with diesel power when the grid is down
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