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Diesel Powered Generators

Compact diesel generator for smaller needs

Are you looking for a smaller high-speed generator to ensure that small but important functions such as heaters or circulation pumps always have power? Are you an entrepreneur and in need of a smaller but portable generator for your service car? If so, we recommend small diesel powered generators. They ensure power supply even during the darkest moments either by a manual key start or fully automatic. Despite the format they are of a very high quality and reliability.

How much will you save?

Each year business loose billions due to power outage. Here you can use our tool to get an idea of ​​how well this investment would be for you!
Can you afford not to invest in a reserve?

Insurance against expensive power cuts.

We help you before, during and after installation.

Customized service agreements gives you total control

More benefits of our Diesel Powered Generators

Small diesel powered generators

  • Effect from 2.3 to 15 kVA
  • Convenient sizes
  • Electric start
  • High operational reliability
  • Remote start Allows you to start or test drive your generator from home or your mobile phone. The remote operation is done through cable, network or wireless. We can customize so that you can see how the plant works from any computer.
  • Fully automatic generators With our fully automatic solutions the generator starts completely automatically around the clock, no matter where you are in the world. The generator ensures that you have constant access to power even when the grid is down.
  • Soundproof generators You can make it a special order all the way down to 55 decibels.
  • Mobile diesel generators These will be completely adapted to your needs. You can choose one on wheels, as a trailer attached to your car, on swap bodies, with lifting eye or built-in a removable container.
  • Emergency power setEnsures that emergency lighting, evacuation routes, elevators, doors, fire alarms or other important security features stay on when the power is out.
  • Trailers For backup generators that you drag behind the car. Basic on wheels that can run at 30 km / h or slowed down trailer with bumpers and lighting approved for 80 km / h.

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