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Hydraulic Driven Generators

Hydraulic driven generator for increased security

Hydraulic driven generators are smaller, more reliable and durable than the shaft driven. It is mainly because they are not operated mechanically via a transmission shaft. Instead they are powered with a high efficiency motor. In practice, all you have to do is to turn on the oil tap to start the engine that drives the generator. Used today for construction equipment, emergency vehicles and fire trucks etc. The power is then sent to a secure electrical box with the necessary protection, monitoring and outlets. To calculate what pressure and flow you need to run your hydraulic generator, click here for more information.

How much will you save?

Each year business loose billions due to power outage. Here you can use our tool to get an idea of ​​how well this investment would be for you!
Can you afford not to invest in a reserve?

Insurance against expensive power cuts.

We help you before, during and after installation.

Customized service agreements for all emergency power Customized service agreements gives you total control

More benefits of our Hydraulic Driven Generators

Hydraulic driven generators 

  • Effect from 2 to 40 kVA
  • Durable and operationally reliable
  • All the equipment is adapted to your business needs 

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