Gravel pit and Mines

Gravel pit and Mines

We build power plants with well-known motors and generators, with small, well thought-out, detailed solutions that make things easier for those involved in the mineral industry.

Reliable generators of the highest quality

We know that our national grid does not reach out with full access to every part of our country. In terms of capacity, the network is not enough for some operations. When your business is dependent on power from standby power units, it is important that these are of extremely high and robust quality.

We build our power stations of motors and generators from the most well-known and trusted brands, but for us it is not enough to have a famous motor and a good generator; we only use components from well-known brands in all parts and details of our power stations. We also build custom generators for those with special requests or needs operationally or in terms of space.

Container elverk

Containerised Generators

Do you want the generator outside? The container is a complete weatherproof security space where you can move around freely in case of service or maintenance etc.

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Inbyggda elkraftverk

Built-In Generator

Are you looking for a generator that needs to be quiet, access-protected or weatherproof outdoors? If so, power plants built into a canopy are the ultimate solution for you.

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