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We specially produce spare power plants for municipalities, insurance companies, emergency services, the defense, Ikea and many more. They know that we only supply power that they can trust.


Do as Alf Ericsons Elektriska AB, Axbyte Stockholm, Elite Hotel Park Lane in Gothenburg, HPS Stockholm, Nobia, Onsala Rymdobservatorium, Tranås Energi, Västtrafik and Stena Line in Gothenburg – invest in a backup power generator that will ensure you against costly power outages.


Take a look at our custom made solutions for the companies below. At PWR Power Reservkraftsbyggarna we supply you with a full service solution for your backup power project.

Logotyp Axbyte

Axbyte Stockholm More about Axbyte

Logotyp Onsala Rymdobservatorium

Onsala Rymdobservatorium More about Onsala Space Observatory

Logotyp Tranås Energi

Tranås Energi More about Tranås Energi

Logotyp Alf Ericson El i Lerum AB

Alf Ericsson Elektriska AB More about Alf Ericsson Elektriska AB

Logotyp HPS High Performance Systems

HPS Stockholm More about HPS Stockholm

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