HPS Stockholm.

Did you already know about the company?

No, we did not previously know about them; we actually found them online.


What made you choose Reservkraftsbyggarna?

They were very quick to respond to our request for a quote. They did a really good sales job;  you could say that they outran their competitors. We also appreciate their personality and how flexible they were when communicating with us.


Can you give an example of how you would be affected by a sudden power outage?

Our entire data center would stop and our customers would be very mad. It would be a huge disaster! It absolutely cannot happen, which is why we have two generators.


Would you consider recommending Reservkraftsbyggarna for future projects?

Yes, this has already been done and I hope and think that it will result in more business. I would give them a 9 out of 10; we are more than happy

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