Backup generator protects Kährs data centre operations worldwide.

Kärhs are manufactures of parquet flooring and have their base in Nybro, Sweden but operate globally with production facilities in 6-7 countries. The data centre in Nybro is the hub for the whole operation with head office, sales & production systems, telephone and other IT infrastructure connected to it. In the case of a power cut every Kärhs facility worldwide would be affected. Previously they only had battery backup for the data centre, so for increased operational reliability they chose to invest in a backup generator. Kärhs decided to also connect the generator to head office so that they can continue to function there during a power cut as this is crucial for the organisation. The generator is installed in a customised container, designed specifically for Kährs requirements.


With a secure generator it means that everyone can work even during a power cut. The organisation would have only a short pause of 20 seconds before everything would continue to work again. All the business systems are tied up to the same data centre, so the factory would come to a standstill if the data centre could not function. Therefore, the generator is vital for Kärhs if a power cut should occur.


A Småland Collaboration

–  We were at Elfackmässan (The Electrical Trade Fair), and spoke to various suppliers, but fell for the geographical proximity of Reservkraftsbyggarna. The fact they can be on site within around 1.5 hours if something happen is important for us, says Christian Josefsson (head of maintenance).


– The project went exactly to plan all the way from the start-up through to the service agreement after installation – I have only positive things to say, no hiccups or anything worth mentioning. We were satisfied throughout the whole journey. The comprehensive service contract gives us great peace of mind because we have a service once a year of the engine, generator, batteries etc. This is our first generator so we don’t have any point of reference but so far we are very pleased and can recommend Reservkraftsbyggarna without hesitation, says Christian.


There are many benefits with the solution that Kährs have chosen. If you are interested in a similar solution, you can read more about containerised generators here>

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