Back-up Power Generator for an alarm control centre – a necessity for the organisation.

Länsförsakringar Larmcentral Älvsborg is an alarm control centre. The norm for running such a centre requires a backup power supply – it is one of the requirements for being an authorised alarm facility, without which you cannot run one.


The generator is an open plant, situated inside the building in a security classified room. This created a lot of technical requirements to be met during the installation.

The generator ensures continuance for the equipment and servers for security, monitoring and on call services in the event of a power cut – therefore a generator is more than necessary for the business to operate.


– Compared to other instances we are protected against, a power cut is the most likely threat to occur, therefore you could say the generator is the most important thing we have, explains Jens Sjödin from LF Larmcentral.


– As we work with security there is a requirement for a redundancy plan for every system. If a power cut happens today it doesn´t show in the supply at all. What happens is the generator sends a signal to the selected personnel when it starts up and operations continue as normal, says Jens.


Jens has worked together with Reservkraftsbyggarna since 2012 at different organisations. He says “their professionalism in the way they work makes them an easy choice to work with”.


– Secure and worry-free is what I appreciate as a customer – there is always someone on the end of the phone when you have a question or challenge. It´s worry-free to work with them overall, including maintenance and invoicing. They have also had very quick installation times, making them a fantastic partner to work with. They solve the problem; I don’t need the technical knowledge or to worry overly much and that is important to me, says Jens.


LF Larmcentral has an extended service contract with Reservkraftsbyggarna which includes quarterly testing on load and a yearly service of the engine. They are also always welcome to get in touch with us and get instant assistance. For simplicity’s sake they have purchased the service for Reservkraftsbyggarna to take care of testing, which means they receive a professional analysis of the generator plant once a quarter. This assistance is a further part that contributes to a worry-free solution.


– In summary I would happily recommend Reservkraftsbyggarna, says Jens.


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