Backup power secures Fire-fighting ability for Fire Service.

Reservkraftsbyggarna have delivered a generator in a complete enclosure built with Paroc sheeting on a concrete base with walls, a roof and guttering, which is also soundproof. The generator PWR110 ensures power supply to fire pumps which are used to provide sea water to fire hydrants in Norviks harbour in the event of fire.


With the generator installed, Stockholm Port authorities can ensure that fire-fighting goes as smoothly as possible in the event of a power cut. Without this it could mean that the fire-service would have to use drinking water sources with a limited capacity, or alternatively use their own separate diesel driven pumps to pump water in the event of a fire.

– Details that could mean in the event of a fire organizations could suffer greater damage to personnel and property, says Peter Oreskär, project leader at Stockholm Ports.


– We chose Reservkraftsbyggarna to deliver their solution for this project because of a combination of their service & competence. Reseverkraftsbyggarna presented a solution with even better capacity than was stated in our enquiry.

Reservkraftbyggarna is a company with committed staff, good and cost-effective products and excellent knowledge in the field of back-up power. They also have expertise in generator units both in factory testing, delivery and commissioning. I would definitely recommend working with them, says Peder Oreskär.


We customise our solutions specific to your needs, if you are interested in a similar solution you can read more about built-in generators here>

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