Tranås Energi.

What were your thoughts on Reservkraftsbyggarna?

Several people were involved in the project. I have been involved in parts of it and I consider them to be very professional; one of the things they did was to help decide on how to carry out the project. We had an idea and they helped us achieve it by giving us their input.


How does the solution help you during a sudden power outage?

This keeps our office up and running with electricity and in case of a major disruption we can still work, which is very important for our customers. As an energy company, we should be able to demonstrate that we have secured us in every way.


In what way did Reservkraftsbyggarna help you in the process?

Reservkraftsbyggarna showed us what they could help us with and what project they could offer us. In addition, we have decided to get a service agreement afterwards that enables us to have a generator that safely works.


Would you consider recommending Reservkraftsbyggarna for future projects?

Yes, we would definitely recommend them. They are worth a rating of 8/10!

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