Controllers for generators.

The most important part on your power generator is the controller system.


When we have delivered a backup generator we want you as a customer to be sure that both you, and others, will be able to operate the generator, update its system, calibrate and adjust without the need of an expensive technician.


We mostly use the ComAp control system for our generators. This is the world’s largest and most popular manufacturer of backup power control.


A good control system should have:


  • A logic and easy to read display.
  • Easy and secure adjusting of user parameters.
  • Free of charge update on the software.
  • Free support.
  • Free demos for the users.
  • Completely open operating system, available to everyone. Can be password protected if wanted.
  • Free factory support 24/7.
  • Expandable for extra functionality and monitoring.
  • Possible to control any extra external devices.
  • Be able to communicate with all common Bus systems, such as: CanBus, ModBus, ProfiBus etc.
  • Can be supplied with remote system by wireless or wired network.
  • Can be run completely via app on mobile or tablet, or via computer.


We want to dissuade from backup generators with self-manufactured control systems that aren’t expandable, are tied to a specific operator or that requires expensive, certified technicians to do at location-service (in the cases where that is even possible) with every little update, reparation or change.

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