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Controllers for generators

The most important thing for your backup power system is the controller.

When Reservkraftsbyggarna have delivered your generator or backup power system, we want to make sure that you, our customer, and other people can manage it, upgrade it and calibrate / adjust it to avoid having to call an expensive technician or installer out to the scene.

We mostly use the ComAp control system for our generators. This is the world’s largest and most popular manufacturer of backup power control.

A good control system for backup power has:

  • A logical and easy to read display
  • Easy and safe adjustment of the user parameters
  • Free software upgrade
  • Free support
  • Free training for users
  • Fully open operating system, available for everyone
  • Free support from the factory 24/7
  • Expandable for extra features and supervisions
  • Ability to control related external equipment
  • Can communicate with all standard Bus systems such as CanBus, ModBus ProfiBus etc.
  • Can be equipped with a remote control system via wireless or wired network
  • Can be operated completely via an App on your mobile phone or PC

We want to issue a big warning for generators with self-made control systems that are not expandable, are unlocked and that (if it is at all possible) require expensive visits by authorised technicians as soon as they need to be adjusted, repaired, upgraded or replaced.