Our project process for building secure power generators.

We follow a precise project process to assist you in the best possible way when you’re in need of backup power. When you reach out to us regarding a power generator, we immediately begin to outline how we can provide the most effective assistance.


Our project process comprises seven steps that we go through to establish the optimal conditions for your specific operation. We start with a needs analysis and conclude with transitioning to support and service, where we remain available even after the installation of your new backup power generator.

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Needs Analysis

What type of generator is optimal for your business and needs? There are many questions one needs to consider, and numerous parameters to take into account before determining the most suitable type of backup power. This might involve when and how it should start, the most appropriate size to avoid it being too large or too small, the equipment the generator should have, and whether any kind of alarm or communication with the generator is desired. Together, we will go through your needs over the phone. We will also discuss the kind of load the generator will drive, as this can also influence the generator's sizing. Afterward, we will schedule an on-site visit for further needs assessment.

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Site Visit

We meet on-site to thoroughly review the backup power needs and examine where the generator can be placed and how it can be installed, and if possible, in collaboration with an electrician. It's crucial that all the details are considered in the decision-making process so that during the site visit, we can collectively address any challenges and arrive at what is optimal from a practical perspective as well. We assess suitable spaces for the generator, whether extra large fuel tanks are required, and how to manage the generator installation.

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Solution Proposal

We sit down at the office, brainstorm, and sketch out how the needs can be best fulfilled. We consider the suitable engine and generator both in terms of size, equipment, installation, and cost-effectiveness. With our expertise and experience, coupled with a well-executed needs analysis, we hope to arrive at the best solution.

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Project Review

We review the investment basis with you over the phone to align what is particularly important and if there are any other preferences on how the project should be carried out. If there's a need for potential adjustments, we address it in this stage of the project process. We naturally ensure that all details align with your wishes and confirm this before moving on to the next step together.

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Once we receive the green light from you, the power plant is designed and sent to our designer/builder, meanwhile all other products are ordered and the implementation is being planned.

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Start up and Training

Once the installation is completed, we will come to your location to ensure that everything is in order. We conduct trial runs and test the power plant to ensure that your backup power system performs as promised. Your electricity supply needs are our responsibility, and we always strive for satisfied customers.

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Support and Service

After the facility has been test run and approved, we are available for any support and service you may require whenever you need it. Your needs are our responsibility!

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