Our project process for building secure power generators

As soon as we find out that you need a generator we will begin to sketch out how we can help you. Here is a typical work pattern:

Needs Analysis

Together, we will review your needs over the phone and what type of load the generator will operate. Then we will schedule a visit to the site.

Site Visit

We meet on site and together we go over your backup power needs in detail and take a look at where the generator should be placed and how it can be installed, if possible with an electrician.

Solution Proposal

We are in the office structuring the best way to fulfill your needs and what motor and generator that would be suitable in terms of size, equipment and installation.

Investment Base

We present a proposed solution in a clear quote where both generators and any possible options are clearly specified.

Project Review

We go through the investment material with you over the phone to figure out what is especially important and if you have other requests regarding how the project should be carried out.


When we get the green light from you we will design the generator and send it to our designer / builder while all the other products are ordered and the actual implementation is planned.

Project Implementation

When the project is carried out, we are available to work and provide support throughout the entire process in the best possible way. We help you and support everyone involved in the project to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Start up and Training

When the installation is complete, we will come to you at the site and make sure that everything is right, and test out the generator so that we know that your backup power system performs as promised.

Support and Service

When the system has been tested and approved we are available for support and service whenever you need it.

Your need is our responsibility!