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Reservkraftsbyggarna: Power stations and backup generators – We secure your electricity supply.

Sometimes it is not enough to light a candle when the power goes out. Diesel powered generators, built-in generators, fully automatic generators, no matter what you are looking for PWR Power Reservkraftsbyggarna have the right solution. After 40 years in business we have collected invaluable knowledge by supplying everything from small businesses to extensive production facilities with custom made power plants.

Reservkraftsbyggarna help you all the way

Reach out to us at Reservkraftsbyggarna – we generate control. Reservkraftsbyggarna PWR Power give you the comfort you need when the power goes out. Don't know what type of power plant you need? No worries, our experts will help you throughout the process, from projecting to installation and service. Our experience is your security.

Tailor made service agreements for all backup power

We care about or customers' satisfaction, even long after we hace made and installed the power plant. That's why we offer all our customers the opportunity to maintain their power plants with help from our competent service team. It includes fitters, ventilation technicians, fuel technicians and electrians. Their experience will help prevent downtime and make sure that service is always carried out on time in the best possible way. We have noticed that many of our customers see it as a security that the manufacturer of the power plant also takes care of te service. Something we believe to be wise and cost effective as we know our generators inwards and outwards. That's why we can guarantee that you're in safe hands with us.

Backup power for everyone but especially for you

In a worlds full of square standardized solutions we believe it is refreshing to offer our customers tailor made solutions for backup power that always ends up profitable. Our power plants and generators are widely known for their operational reliability. The engines and generators are from well-known quality brands like Volvo, John Deere, Perkins and others.

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