Agriculture and Farms.

We build both tractor driven mobile generators and diesel powered stationary generators. This gives you access to power in order to manage both property and cattle.


Simple and reliable generators


We are living in a different era to the one in which we milked cows, picked eggs or slaughtered animals by hand. Today, almost all farms depend on power, not only for the production itself, but above all to ensure feeding, water and ventilation for livestock keeping. To manage cattle, it is not just a question of cost; authorities are also making increased demands in order to be able to guarantee the animals’ lives and well-being.


We build everything from simple and reliable backup generators to fully automatic systems that detect when the power goes out. Whether you have a large-scale operation or more of a hobby-like business, we have the solution you need so that you can sleep well at night, even if you are responsible for a whole bunch of animals.

Related generators to Agriculture and farms.

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Mobile Generators

Our mobile generators are often used by mobile occupational groups such as asphalt pavers, construction workers or engineers, whose work involves moving from place to place. It can be mobile test facilities that constantly need access to power.

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Tractor Driven Generators

A tractor powered generator is a good and cheap solution for farms, etc., that are in need of a simple generator. You also avoid two-thirds of the cost when the generator is powered by the tractor’s engine.

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Diesel Generators

Are you looking for a smaller high-speed generator to ensure that small but important functions such as heaters or circulation pumps always have power? Are you an entrepreneur and in need of a smaller but portable generator for your service car?

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Stationary generators

With a stationary and permanently installed diesel generator from Reservkraftsbyggarna you are always safe when the power goes out. You can assemble them indoors and outdoors; for outdoors we recommend an enclosed and soundproof generator, alternatively a generator in a container.

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