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Our diesel powered generators.

At Reservkraftsbyggarna we supply generators with the most well known and trusted engines on the market. We will of course adapt the generators to suit your unique needs. We deliver our generators with the market’s most famous engines, such as John Deere, Volvo, Deutz, Iveco, Perkins and Yanmar. All engines are environmentally approved and our generators are built with great precision with many practical features including easily accessible diesel refill and simple instruments.


Our generators are manufactured and assembled in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in our factory in Italy, where we adapt your generator to your unique business needs. As a result of our joint planning, we make the necessary adjustments and adjust the generator to your preference.


Not sure what type of generator you need? We will help you throghout the process.

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Advantages of our generators

  • The canopy is made of a 2 mm steel plate which has been coated with double stainless protective layers and double-layer durable powder coating.
  • The fuel tank is built into the base frame and built of 3-4 mm steel.
  • All doors are equipped with locks made of stainless inox steel.
  • All our generators are tested, minuted and CE certified.
  • All generators are built with brand new components only.
  • We only use components with the latest technology from leading manufacturers.
  • We are flexible and can build our power generators after your specific needs, with odd dimensions or special demands or needs of accessories.

Our Power Generators.

Stationärt reservkraftverk

Stationary Generators

We build stationary power plants, both for continuous power supply and automatic backup power. We adjust all stations to your needs.

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mobilt elverk pwr power

Mobile Generators

Are you looking for a mobile generator on wheels for the tow bar, with a lifting device for a forklift or crane? We have several different solutions.

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Inbyggt elverk PWR Power

Built-In Generators

Are you looking for a generator that needs to be quiet, access-protected or weatherproof outdoors? If so, power plants built into a canopy are the ultimate solution for you.

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containerbyggt elverk pwr power rservkraftsbyggarna

Containerised Generators

Do you want the generator outside? The container is a complete weatherproof security space where you can move around freely in case of service or maintenance etc.

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reservkraftstation pwr power reservkraftsbyggarna

Backup Generators

A backup stations can be anything from one to several backup generators connected together, making it possible to operate a facility.

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traktordrivet elverk pwr power reservkraftsbyggarna

Tractor Driven Generators

Do you want to run the generator with your tractor? We have put a lot of effort into making our tractor-powered generators as customised as possible.

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