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Backup Generators.

A backup power station constitutes a fully integrated unit that can encompass switchgear, UPS units, and multiple interconnected generators. Within this advanced system, we can seamlessly integrate alarms, monitoring, battery solutions, and distribution panels. We take on the complete responsibility and offer comprehensive solutions that scrutinize every aspect of your business. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Protect yourself from costly power outages

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Each backup power station is custom made according to your business needs.

  • Effect from 8 to 1200 kVA
  • Approved environmental engines according to the latest applicable requirements
  • Complete with ventilation and exhaust systems
  • Our containers are weather resistant and can be sound- and heat-insulated as desired or required. They can also contain, e.g., switchgear, fuel tank, lighting, additional sockets and other equipment
  • Installation of fuel tanks and switchgear
  • Lighting and necessary outlets
  • All equipment is tailored to your needs.
  • Sound proof down to 55dBA
  • Not movable

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Perkins 10-22 kVA


Perkins 30-1200 kVA




Automatic Fuel Refilling.

Suitable for generators used continuously over extended periods. We install a fully automated fuel replenishment system that automatically draws fuel from an external reserve fuel tank when the level in the primary tank decreases, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Phasing In and Out.

We equip our backup power generators with a seamless return to grid operation during outages. By utilizing phasing in and out equipment, the generator can be tested under load without interruption. Allows you to be able to draw power from a backup generator. The switch breaks up the regular power supply and switches over to the backup power supply. We build manual switches in the form of a two-way switch or automatic switch with sealed contactors or motorised circuit breakers.


We construct diesel generators in both sound-insulated and non-sound-insulated storage containers or ISO containers. Means that the fuel tank is protected by an additional shield. In case of any leakage, the fuel is collected in the external tank and in case of possible collision the inner tank is protected. In some cases this may be an environmental requirement.

Soundproof generators.

Our sound-insulated power generators can be custom ordered with a noise level as low as 55 dBA, which is equivalent to a level between normal conversation and heavy rain. We produce backup generators that actively communicate with other generators or power sources to run several of them side by side, also available to be phased in and loaded against the power grid.

Double sheathed fuel tank.

This means that the fuel tank is surrounded by an additional protective shell structure. In case of any leakage, the fuel is collected in the outer tank. Furthermore, this design provides protection to the inner tank in the event of collisions. In certain situations, this might be required for environmental reasons. With our fully automatic solutions the generator starts completely automatically around the clock, no matter where you are in the world. The generator ensures that you have constant access to power even when the grid is down.

Changeover switch.

This component is used to transfer power from a backup power generator. The transfer switch interrupts the regular grid power supply and switches it over to the backup power supply. We manufacture manual transfer switches in the form of two-way switches or fully automatic switches with tightly sealed contacts or motor-operated circuit breakers. A reliable battery backup that eliminates blinking, transients, dips and any other disturbances which may occur on the power grid. It is used to power secure computers and other sensitive electronic equipment that can be damaged by a power failure. The batteries are recharged with diesel power when the grid is down.

Fully automatic generators.

With our automated solutions, the backup power generator starts automatically 24/7, no matter where you are in the world. This system guarantees a continuous power supply when the regular electrical grid is down.

Parallel operation.

We manufacture backup power generators that actively collaborate with other backup generators or power sources to enable parallel operation. These systems can also be integrated to connect with the main electrical grid and be utilized as needed.

UPS system.

A reliable battery backup ensuring a stable power supply and eliminating disturbances like flickers, transients, and voltage drops that might occur in the electrical grid. This solution is employed to safeguard computers and other sensitive electronic devices that could be harmed by power outages. The batteries are charged using diesel power when the regular electrical grid is unavailable.