What is a backup generator?.

Customized solutions for reliable backup power supply.

The importance of backup power generators for continuous electricity supply

A backup power generator plays a crucial role in ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply. Whether you need it as a primary power source or as a backup during power outages, the function of a backup power generator is to generate electricity and keep your essential operations running. It serves the purpose of producing electricity and maintaining critical operations, which is vital in various societal institutions such as municipalities, government agencies, and private businesses. By providing a reliable power supply, a backup power generator helps to avoid disruptions and potential consequences that may arise during power failures.


Backup power generators come in different forms and sizes to suit various needs. They can be open generators, built-in generators, stationary backup power units, or mobile generators. The choice of a backup power generator depends on specific requirements and conditions. When selecting a backup power generator, it is important to evaluate factors such as power capacity, operating time, fuel type, and installation requirements to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


Thorough planning

To achieve an optimal solution for backup power systems, it is important to follow a meticulous project process. This includes conducting a thorough needs analysis and designing phase, where a comprehensive understanding of requirements and preferences is established. By closely collaborating with customers during the planning and design stages, our skilled engineers and technicians can customize the backup power system to meet your specific specifications. This may involve incorporating features that enhance convenience, efficiency, and user-friendliness, such as easy fuel access, remote monitoring, and automatic start-stop functionality.


The installation of the backup power system is carried out by our experienced installation team to ensure a seamless integration into the existing power infrastructure. This includes electrical connections, fuel supply, ventilation, and necessary permits or certifications. We offer regular inspections, servicing, and repairs to keep your backup power system in the best possible condition. Our team of technicians is always available to quickly address any questions or issues that may arise. We aim to ensure that your backup system is reliable and functions properly when you need it the most.






Which backup power generator is right for you?

We place great importance on providing high-quality backup power generators that can handle various requirements and environmental conditions. By costumizing our solutions to your company’s specific needs, we can ensure that you receive a reliable and efficient power supply when needed.


stationärt reservkraftverk PWR Power Reservkraftsbyggarna


Stationary generators

We offer stationary power generators that are highly suitable for indoor installation. We can custom manufacture these stationary units to reliably start, regardless of how low the pressure becomes. Our diesel powered generators are manufactured and assembled according to your unique needs and preferences. They are equipped with environmentally approved and reliable diesel engines to ensure dependable operation.


Mobile generator from PWR Power Reservkraftsbyggarna

Mobile generators

Our mobile power generators are perfect for mobile professionals such as asphalt pavers, construction workers, and engineers who often work at different locations. These generators are also well-suited for mobile testing and inspection facilities that require continuous access to power. Additionally, they are ideal for providing rapid electrical supply to hard-to-reach facilities in the event of an unforeseen power outage.


Built-in generator from PWR Power Reservkraftsbyggarna

Built-in generators

Our built-in power generators effectively protect against bad weather and are also soundproofed, compact, and secure. All doors can be locked, preventing unauthorized access and potential damage to the generator. We offer built-in backup power solutions in various sizes to suit your specific needs.

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