Axbyte Stockholm

Why did you decide to work with Reservkraftsbyggarna?

Flexibility and price were two major factors in the decision.

Can you give an example of how you would be affected by a sudden power outage?

It would be devastating. We would have major costs if our data centers went down and we would not have the customers that we have today.

What were your thoughts on Reservkraftsbyggarna?

I have met Samuel and Glenn. They are happy and friendly guys and they always bring cake. It is different, not normally how it works in Sweden, so it is pretty fun when it happens. It is fun and different. But I do not have anything good and specific to say about how they can improve.

How did the project go?

After installation, it runs smoothly.

Would you consider recommending Reservkraftsbyggarna for future projects?

If you ask me I would recommend them since I do not have any complaints.


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