Services and service agreements

We are committed to making sure that our customers are satisfied long after we have manufactured and installed their generator, which is why PWR power reservkraftsbyggarna give all customers the opportunity to maintain their power with the help and support of our competent service team.

It consists of installation engineers, engine technicians, ventilation technicians, gas technicians, and electricians, etc. They have many years of experience, which prevents any downtime and ensures that service and maintenance are carried out in the best possible way.

We have also noticed that many of our customers see it as a security to allow us, who manufactured the equipment, to also take care of the service part of it. We think this is very wise and cost-effective because we know everything about generators, inside and out, and we can guarantee that you are always in safe hands.


Capacity tests

We use load units to verify the amount of load your electrical power can handle.

serviceavtal och helhetslösning inom reservkraft

Service agreements

We are pleased that our customers will be satisfied long after we have manufactured and installed the power generators.