Service Agreement from us comes with a lot of benefits.

Specialised service team with expertise in backup power

We want to make sure that our customers are satisfied long after we have manufactured and installed their generator, which is why PWR Power Reservkraftsbyggarna give all customers the opportunity to maintain their power with the help and support of our competent service team. It consists of installation engineers, engine technician, ventilation technician, gas technician and electrician etc. They have many years of experience which prevents any downtime and ensures that service and maintenance are carried out in the best possible way.


We have also noticed that many of our customers see it as a security to allow us who manufactured the equipment to also take care of the service part of it. We think this is very wise and cost-effective because we know everything about generators, inside and out, and we can guarantee that you are always in safe hands.

Customised service agreements for all emergency power

Just as we build the generator according to your requirements, we are also able to customise a service agreement to suit your needs and budget. Nothing is more important to us than the fact that your generator is working properly when there is a power outage. How much maintenance you need is completely up to you.


In our smallest service package we offer you a fixed price for the service, but we only do so when you request it. We would prefer that you sign a maintenance contract of 1 year to ensure that your system is always in top condition. On site we make a careful review of the facility so that nothing is left to chance.

Service agreements. Choose the agreement that fits your diesel generator

  • One visit/month to make sure that the generator works without any trouble.
  • 2-4 visits/year to test the entire facility to ensure that everything works as it should and one visit/year with a test run of the generator, full service of the engine/generator with oil change, filter change, service report etc.
  • Remote operation/test drive through telephone support.
  • Yearly service on engine, generator and power plant.

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