Hospitals and Retirement homes

We know how important the power supply is for those who work with people. Sometimes it can affect a life, but it is always important for an individual’s well-being

Reliable backup power for hospitals and retirement homes

We want to help people by making a power failure completely painless. Those who work in health care rely on generators and it is really important that they actually start and work properly at all times. We provide reliable, comprehensive solutions of very high quality and also offer support and services to keep your backup solution as easy and carefree as possible.

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containerised generator

Containerised Generator

Do you want a power plant outdoors? The container is a complete weather-protected security area where you can move freely for example. service or maintenance.

Built-In Generators

Are you looking for a power station that is going to be quiet, be accessible or weather-protected outdoors? Then an electrical system built into a canopy is the optimal solution for you.