IT and Data Centers

We build fully automated backup power plants with smart monitored control systems. With UPS and air coolers, you get a sense of security with infinite backup time.

Uninterrupted backup power for data centers, etc.

It is evident that we are becoming more and more dependent on electricity. Today, almost all businesses rely on IT. Even the small local sports club manages its administration on the computer, while a large company may be completely dependent on IT for its entire production. The irritation, waste of time and the cost that results from a power outage, cannot always be measured in money.

We build reliable systems with smart solutions to secure the power supply in server rooms, etc., all over Sweden. Turn to us with confidence and see what we can do to secure your unit against unwelcome, costly power outages. We also provide service and security agreements for all our facilities.

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Build-In Generators

Built-In Generators

Are you looking for a power station that is going to be quiet, be accessible or weather-protected outdoors? Then an electrical system built into a canopy is the optimal solution for you.

diesel generators

Diesel Generators

Are you looking for a smaller high-speed generator to ensure that small but important functions such as heaters or circulation pumps always have power? Are you an entrepreneur and in need of a smaller but portable generator for your service car?

stationary generators

Stationary Generators

With a stationary and permanently installed diesel generator from Reservkraftsbyggarna you are always safe when the power goes out. You can assemble them indoors and outdoors; for outdoors we recommend an enclosed and soundproof generator, alternatively a generator in a container.