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Backup generators for everyone but made specially for you.

In a world full of basic standard solutions, we think it is refreshing to be able to offer our customers customised backup power solutions that always pay off in the long run. Our backup generators are renowned for their high operational quality and they come with motors and generators from well known quality brands such as Volvo, John Deere and Perkins, etc.


Through our custom production, we can customise the size, capacity and equipment level of your generator for current and future needs. Requirements that standard generators can rarely handle. Each generator is manufactured and assembled by hand in our factory in Italy, which is one of the most modern factories for backup power production. Our flexibility and short delivery times guarantee a very competitive price tag. Planning, services, modifications and completions are done by the service office in Smålandsstenar.

Swedish national TV broadcaster, Onsala Space Observatory, and your local farmer have something in common!

Through the years, we have helped everyone from small web hosting companies to nationwide insurance companies with smart backup power solutions that ensure that their operations can continue even if the power goes out. Each solution is uniquely designed for the customer’s business. Therefore, a backup power system can be composed of one, or more units of both diesel and battery-based backup power. The possibilities are practically endless. Contact us today and we’ll prepare a comprehensive proposal tailored to your business.

In the forefront of technology development

The preferences may vary between companies, but we have the ability to cover all the needs for backup generators. PWR Power Reservkraftsbyggarna put great emphasis on being at the forefront of technology development in the industry. Therefore, we sell everything from manual generators, which you start with a key, to digital backup generators that you can connect to the Internet. Once connected, you can control the activities with your desktop or laptop computer, regardless of where the backup generator is located. Do you want to be notified when the backup generator is running or stops? Then we can make sure that your pager or cell phone functions as an emergency service. Whatever the need, we have the solution you seek.

Some of our areas of business.

reservkraft för vatten- och avloppsstationer

Water and sewage stations

We build our fully automated generators with components that are proven and have the highest quality.

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reservkraft för sjukhus och ålderdomshem

Hospitals and Retirement homes

We know how important the power supply is for those who work with people. Sometimes it can affect a life, but it is always important for an individual’s well-being.

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reservkraft för medicin- och livsmedelsbranschen

Medicine and Food

We adapt the generators to run clean rooms, cooling rooms and freezers, so that both hygiene and control can be maintained even when the power goes out.

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reservkraft för lantbruk, jordbruk och gårdar

Agriculture and Farms

We build both tractor driven mobile generators and diesel powered stationary generators. These give you access to power in order to manage both property and cattle.

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Elverk till IT- och datorhallar.

IT and Data centers

We build fully automated emergency power facilities with clever monitored control systems. With UPS and air coolers, you get a sense of security with infinite backup time.

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Elverk till gruv- och mineralindustrin.

Gravelpits and Mines

We build power plants with well-known motors and generators, with small, well thought-out, detailed solutions that will simplify procedures for those involved in the mineral industry.

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