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Mobile Generators.

Our mobile power generators are frequently utilized by professionals such as asphalt layers, construction workers, or engineers who require mobility in their work across various locations. Additionally, there is a demand from mobile testing and inspection facilities that consistently rely on a dependable power source. Furthermore, these generators are highly advantageous for rapidly supplying power to stationary or hard-to-reach installations during unexpected power outages.


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Characteristics of our mobile generators:

  • Effect from 8 to 1000 kVA
  • Approved environmental engines according to the latest applicable requirements
  • Operationally reliable and sound insulating
  • Ground fault equipment
  • Bevel gear
  • Distribution cabinet
  • All equipment is adapted to your business needs

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Perkins 10-22 kVA


Perkins 30-1200 kVA




Double sheathed fuel tank.

It means that the fuel tank is enclosed within an additional shell structure. In case of any leakage, the fuel is collected within the outer tank. Furthermore, this design provides protection to the inner tank in the event of collisions. In certain situations, this may be required for environmental reasons.

Phasing in and out.

We equip the backup generator with seamless transition to grid operation. Using the in-phase and out-phase equipment, it's possible to seamlessly test the generator under load without interruption.

Remote start.

Enables you to start or test your generator from home or through your mobile device. Remote control can be achieved through cable, network, or wireless connections. We also provide customized options that allow you to monitor the unit from any computer.

Soundproof generators.

Our sound-insulated generators can be custom ordered with a noise level as low as 55 dBA, which is equivalent to a level between normal conversation and heavy rain.

GENSET (generator set).

A collective name of powered generators.

Emergency power set.

Ensures the safety of emergency lighting, escape routes, elevators, gates, fire alarms, or other critical safety functions during power outages.

Changeover switch.

Used to transfer power from a backup generator. The switch interrupts the regular power supply and connects to the backup power source instead. We design manual switches in the form of two-way switches or fully automatic switches with sealed contactors or motor-driven circuit breakers.

Parallel operation.

We manufacture backup generators that actively communicate with other generators or power sources to enable parallel operation. These units can also be synchronized and loaded onto the power grid.

Mobile diesel generators.

We offer fully customizable mobile generators according to your specific needs. You have the option to choose between alternatives mounted on wheels, as trailers attached to your car, on swap bodies, with lifting eyes, or built into detachable containers.

UPS system.

A reliable battery backup ensuring stable power supply and eliminating disruptions such as flickering, transients, and voltage drops that may occur in the power grid. This solution is used to safeguard computers and other sensitive electronic equipment that can be damaged by power outages. The batteries are charged using diesel power when the regular power grid is unavailable.