How would you be affected by a sudden power outage?

During a power outage, the backup power will run the entire server room where we have critical machines for the operation. This means that it is not just us in Tidaholm that would be affected of a power outage but also many other places in Sweden and Europe where we have factories and offices.


What are your thoughts on Reservkraftsbyggarna?

They are professional. The times we discovered and pointed out security flaws, they have always taken the time to come here even though they have a busy schedule. We have check ups twice a year but sometimes it may well be that something causes trouble between services. In those cases they show up quickly and if necessary they will come back several times. You can tell that they take their customers seriously and that is very appreciated.


How would you rate Reservkraftsbyggarna?

We would give them a strong 8 out of 10.

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